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24-hour expert consultation with Apple refund service.

Fill out the refund form

Please complete the refund form according to the instructions.

Refund procedures

This process will take place after checking the completeness of the refund form data.


Upon final approval, your funds are returned in their original form according to the original payment method. And the whole process is complete!

Headquarters directly apply for refund

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About US

Top Team

Industry’s top refund team.

High Quality

Maintain the top in the industry since 2015.

High success rate of refund

We can keep the success rate of Apple refund above 90%.

Refund Experience

We have more than 5 years experience in refund and have the latest refund technology.

Office Location

We have offices all over the world, but the refund processing is handled directly by the US headquarters.

Customer Information

We will authorize customer information and refund instructions before processing, and empty them after the refund.

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